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This is the home of Doctor LeTa's online medical practice. Please take a moment to look through my special offerings! This is a limited sale for the launch my integrative medical practice that will include lots of practical education and tips to living your best life possible.

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It is my great honor to serve. Everything I do with patients is to educate, empower and inspire. Often we don't know what to do or how to accomplish what we want. Sometimes it's an accountability issue, a time or money issue. My skillset lies in listening to how and where you live your life from now, and integrate practical lifestyle changes that will get you to your wellness goal in a way that feels energy rich and life giving. The best way to know what I do is to sit with me either in person or through video chat. I wasn't sure how tele-health medicine would work, but since practicing it for about a year now, I realize it's a very good tool to connect someone with my skillsets where there is no access. I love what I do and I'm clear what I can offer and what I cannot. I am in the business of serving first, earning money second. It is my true desire that people learn about Chinese Medcine enough to know how to be in relationship with it. Blessings to your health!

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I have put together Packages as a way of saying Thank You for supporting this new part of my medical practice and choosing me to be a part of your or someone you knows wellness team!

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“Dr. LeTa combined her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and used genetic testing to help me get through one of the toughest times of my life. I feel like I am alive today because of her. Thank you, Dr. LeTa!”
— Cynthia Coleman

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Thank you and I look forward to releasing the launch of my educational programs and free wellness tips through the Chinese Medical lens.


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